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Solve Visual Pun Riddles

Can you guess the pun in the pic? PunPics features over 45 visual pun riddles–and growing! Challenge your mind.

PunPics Quirky Pun Pic Riddles shown on iPhones

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PunPics: Visual Pun Trivia

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Visual Pun Triva

Riddles Your Senses

Fans of puns, riddles, lateral thinking, rebus puzzles, mind benders, and brain teasers enjoy firing up their brain cells to solve PunPics.

PunPics: Guess the Visual Puns in the Pics

How To Play PunPics

Use the provided letters to solve the pun pic riddle. Solve the pun pic to see a funny punchline to the pun joke. Hints and clues are available if you get stuck.

New PunPics Levels Added Irregularly

Picture of Newspaper PunPics periodical

PunPics artists create new visual pun riddles for all to enjoy. New pun pics range from current events to the non-sequitur. You are sure to find something irrelevant to your life in PunPics. Enjoy along with your morning coffee.

No Babies Allowed

Get outta here, babies! That's right. PunPics is intended for a mature audience. 

Use your fully developed fingers to download and play PunPics today.